Tasty Cooking

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Cooking is art and should be done only by people who actually love it. You shouldn\'t do it enforced and without dedication. Good food connects people, puts them on a table, brings them joy and happiness. People remember tastes and moments spent together on a dinner table.And for one chef or good cooker, the best award is actually the compliment that she or he will receive from people. Such person is Teresa actually. Since she knows about herself, she loves spending time in her mothers\' kitchen.Teresa is in love with cooking. She loves experimenting and trying new recipes. She dedicates a lot of time in her day to try new tastes, to make a meal and to invite friends over. She loves to see people having happy faces after they try something new out of her kitchen. She travels a lot and \'steals\' ideas, gives them her love and dedication and they turn out to be perfect. For today\'s meal she needs few ingredients that a cook can find on the local market, but kitchen set as well, that is situated in her apartment. Our player\'s task is to find these objects.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


Hidden Objects Cooking



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