House of sorrow

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Thomas, Charles and George didn’t get easy the information about the sudden death of their friend Edward. Edward died last year and the three friends are still in deep sorrow. The memories about their friend are lots and they like to keep them as long as it’s possible. That means keeping the personal belongings of their friend Edward. They have some of them but most of those objects are still in the house where Edward lived.After a year of Edward’s death, Thomas, Charles and George arrive at the house that belonged to their dear friend. They have an intention to find all the personal stuff and keep them. But here, in the house, everything has remined same. It seems like Edward is still living in the house and that is rather strange… The three friends Thomas, Charles and George are about to have their first paranormal experience. The spirit of their late friend Edward is still in the house. The three friends are so surprised by this strange meeting with their old friend, but on the other hand, they are rather happy to see him again.

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