Pirate Rebels

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The pirate Betty, together with her friends, the pirates Donald and Karen, are pirates who had the courage to rebel against their captain. They are not satisfied from the treatment they get from their captain so they want to change something about it. Namely, they are not satisfied from the way how he shares the loot, so they decided to get their destiny in their hands.If he doesn\'t like to give them what actually belongs to them, they will take it on their own, no matter what. Since conversation is not an option for the captain, they will take another way, similar as his way. Betty, Donald and Karen arrive at the place where their captain hides the loot. Since he doesn\'t have a fair relationship with them, they will try to find the valuable objects hidden by the captain and share them equally, as it should be.We may help them finish everything faster, to avoid being caught by the captain. Let\'s look for the hidden loot that hides somewhere around and share it equally as it should be, because everyone deserves a proper price for the work.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


Hidden Objects Mystery



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