Leaving Home

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If you think that leaving your home is an easy thing to be done, than you have surely never done that. People need to move, to go from one place to another, to search for better life conditions, new challenges… And that process is not an easy thing at all. The contrary. You get to leave your closest friends, families, your lifestyle and go on some other ground, among unknown people, being anonymous person.They say moving abroad is heavy the first year, but as people are strange beings, they get used to the new easily. It is complicated to go in other country, but it is complicated as well to go from one town to another. It is a real mess and one has to be very well organized to know how to deal with all the stuff we have around.Carol and George are spouses. They received invitation to work in another city and now they have to leave their home. Today is the moving day from their home. They have engaged moving company and they need to find all the objects in their home and to pack them. This is really huge and exhausting work and they need our help.

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