Secret Pages

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Kathy simply adores mysteries. She has read so many mystery books that it is rather hard to suggest her something that she doesn\'t know. She loves those mysteries, the mysterious stories, but also she is amazed by books that have some unusual background. Reading those books is something that makes her incredibly happy, but also she likes to explore some things related to those books.The book named Trapix is one of those mysterious books. This book explores the cosmic energy and there are many secrets in this book, making it rather special book. Kathy is interested about this book and soon she realizes that there are few pages missing from this book, few important pages that reveal many things. This book is written back in the 11th century which means that it is rather hard to find those pages but Kathy is willing to search for those pages and learn everything about the power of the human energy. This is something that not many people around the world are aware of so Kathy finds it very important to check out what is it about.However, no one knows where those pages could be, which means that this search will be quite long. It would be very nice if we could complain Kathy in her quest and help her find what is she looking for.

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