Strange Reality

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Sleepwalking has been a strange appearing, that is for sure. It is about a behavior disorder that happens for the duration of deep sleep. The result of this happening is walking or doing other complex behaviors while asleep. Sleepwalking is usually more related to children than adults and is more expected to happen if a person is sleep poor.Aside of this explanation, it is always strange to see people walking in a sleep. However, we are not sure if was about sleepwalking in the case of the old Donald. After a long walk all through the yard, Donald has decided to take a nap. He was very tired so he falls asleep right away. When he woke up, the old Donald realized that everything is changed around him, changed and somehow darkened.He doesn\'t know if he is dreaming or something strange has happened. He decides to find an explanation for the situation by searching for evidences all through his property. It would be nice if we could help Donald find something that will explain him what has actually happen so it will put a stop of this strange situation.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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