Glimmering Glen

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Lisa is in an awkward situation, a situation that everyone will find difficult. Namely, a few days ago, Lisa\'s father got lost in the woods, and now she is looking for him. Lisa is ready to do anything for her father, but she is also aware that she must act very quickly to avoid any additional problems... This girl, searching for her father, arrives at a place so far unknown to her - the secret valley of obsession. Many interesting and valuable objects can be seen in this valley, but besides them, some traces probably come from her father. Lisa is overjoyed that she found some clues, something that could help her in the whole investigation. Now, the next part is the research, that is, Lisa needs to analyze all these traces and evidence so that she can be on the right path and find the truth about her father. Let\'s help Lisa in her search. Everyone\'s help is welcome for this girl because she is looking for one of the dearest people in her life, and maybe the dearest.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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