Hair Salon

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Hairdressing has never been in crisis because at the very least, people always need to be tidy, right? Let\'s not go into the fact that trends and fashion are constantly changing, so some people visit hairdressers very often, even when they have no real need, just to be groomed according to the latest trends. And not to mention all those celebrations, weddings, and proms when everyone wants to look their best. This means that hairdressers have their hands full, all the time, especially those who are widely known for their quality work. Hairdresser Grace is the owner of one of the most famous hair salons in the city. Grace earned this reputation with a lot of work and dedication to her clients. However, this sometimes means having to work on weekends and holidays as well. She has full-time work this weekend too, and even though she knows how to organize things herself, it is true that in any case, she needs help with her duties in the salon.This is a perfect game for the ones that are into fashion and hairstyling. Let\'s help Grace.

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