Dangerous Confession

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The team of policemen, together with the team of detectives, always has a handful of jobs. They are here to solve every criminal case and make sure we stay safe. During their career, policemen and detectives solve numerous criminal cases, staring from some small robbers to complicated cases about serial killers. In every case, they invest the same amount of energy, making sure it is solved in time.Policewoman Lisa, together with the detective Dennis and the team of experienced criminologists, arrive at the place of the crime scene. This time it is about a murder. Miss Virginia has been found dead in her home. The police will try to find out who is the murderer of Virginia and we are here to help. Lets see together which evidences can be found at the place of the crime scene and see how can we help in the investigation.We will search for evidences, but maybe there will be a witness for the case. We know that this will be a great challenge for us, so let’s act like real professionals and solve this case as soon as possible.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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