Shopping Gone Wrong

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Shopping centers and markets in general are places that every day gather a huge number of people. Some of those people are locals while others come from other places, just to buy something they need. In every case, it means a huge crowd of people transferring through those places. And it is not strange at all some of those people to have not so good intentions, like the thieves for example.The criminals usually think that because of the crowd, it is not that easy to be caught while stealing something from the shops and the shopping centers and perhaps sometimes they are right. However, not to forget that those places are usually really good secured. There are security agencies that work for that particular place and the thieves are usually caught.Carl is a manager of chain of stores for clothes, food and sports equipment. last two days were noticed two persons who have stolen products from Carl\'s stores. Carl is in charged to check out the products that are here and find some more information about the suspects.

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