The Secret Enclave

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For an adventurer, there is no such things as enough fun, enough mystery and adventure. Actually, the meaning of their life is that – to go on different new places where no one has been, to explore the unknown, the new and untouched. The happiness of discovering something for the first time means that you can enjoy the fun of being the first. And that feeling is precious, you must agree.The bravest adventurers go to places that others are afraid of. They want to risk more and to challenge themselves. Just like that are the people that we are introducing you to in today game. Helen, Sharon and Daniel are the first ones who have received a permission to enter the secret Enclave.In a while they will have to collect objects as much as possible from this secret place and to find the precious golden coins that are hidden in here. They want to safe these coins from being destroyed. Here you will help them, we are sure? And if someone reveals a secret place, than that place is no longer a secret. That is logical, isn\'t it?

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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