Treasure Quest

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Pirate stories are always interesting because they tell about the incredible experiences of pirates, whether those pirates are bad or good. There is usually a search for hidden treasure and endless sailing in the sea, as well as visits to exotic destinations, places where no human foot has set foot. And there are pirates of all ages. Some are old and experienced, some are young and naive, but there are those who, despite being young, is cautious enough to face all kinds of situations, which can sometimes be dangerous. Janice, who is our main character today, is a young sailor who finds out that a ship that used to attack pirates is anchored at the port in her town. This sounds exciting for this young lady. She has heard many stories about this ship, and one of these stories is related to great wealth. Namely, it is said that the pirates of this ship hid a huge fortune that has not yet been found. Janice wants to discover that treasure.

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