Bus Station

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Helen is a detective who is currently working on a very sensitive case. Yes, all cases are delicate in some way, but when crime crosses the borders of a city, things get even more complicated. Helen\'s latest case is exactly like that. It is about a bank robbery that happened the previous day. The thieves who committed the crime went in an unknown direction, but according to the available evidence, it is assumed that they went to the international bus station. They were seen there for the last time, therefore the assumption that with the help of a bus, they managed to go to a neighboring city and maybe even to another country.Detective Helen comes to the intercity bus station to find out which bus the bank robbers from yesterday\'s robbery used to escape. Let\'s look at the available evidence and help our detective solve this case. At the moment, the trail of the thieves has been lost, but probably at the bus station, we will find what we need to solve the case.

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