White House Tour

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As we all know, the White House is the place where have been placed the American presidents and the other American authorities. It is a place related to the power that rules this country and regular people are interested to know what happens in that place, how does it look like. That’s why the tours around the White House are so popular and people all around the world are willing to visit it.James and Lucy are tour guides for the White House. Today they are bringing in special guests from around the world that are very unfamiliar with the history behind the White House and its presidents.The visitors like to learn something more about this place while the guides are here to make their visit even more interesting. For that reason James and Lucy have also organized a scavenging game where the guests have to find the items that are scattered around.That way the visitors will learn through play and will have a chance to search every corner od the White House. Let’s use this chance to learn something more abot the House of the presidents.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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