Rustic Riddles

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Julie is looking for the famous farmer Henry and she inherits one of the farms from her father. Even though her father was known as the best farmer in the area, that doesn\'t mean she won\'t be equally good at it, it\'s still an experience that\'s welcomed when it comes to any job in the world. Today is her first day at work, the first time she has come to work at her neighbor\'s farm, and she has to deal with the tasks given to her by her father. Today she is facing new responsibilities for the first time and she needs to deal with the activities that represent everyday responsibilities on the farm. The father, who is not here today to directly help her, and has always wanted his daughter to manage on her own, found an interesting way to present Beyza\'s new responsibilities. To make the tasks easier, her father offers help in the form of puzzles that need to be solved, and in them hides the tasks of the farm.Let\'s see what it\'s all about and learn more about farm work.

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