Sacred county

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Mary and Daniel are two cowboys who travel all around, looking for interesting places. And usually, we get surprised by something unpleasant or strange, but in their case, the two cowboys will be surprised by something completely opposite. While riding around, Mary and Daniel suddenly came to a country, known as \'sacred country.\' Maybe it is not about a country where miracles happen, but the attitude of the people who live there is rather miraculous. Namely, Mary and Daniel were mostly surprised by the people who live in the sacred country. Those people are incredibly polite, incredibly good to each other, and really generous and hospitable. The two cowboys would like to explore this place a little bit more and find out something more about it. They would like to find out how is everything functioning that well in the sacred country? How could people achieve to have such a good relationship?Let\'s take a tour around the sacred country, together with Mary and Daniel, and find out what is special about that place.

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