Pharaohs Scrolls

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There are many mysteries related to the Egyptian period, mostly about the pyramids and the way how they are built. Even though they are built so many years ago, architects are still wondering how did people from that time manage to make such a perfection. Those people didn\'t have bulldozers, excavators, or other heavy machines that could help them.Dalila and Omari, together with their friends, are also amazed by theEgyptian period. They have been searching a lot, and they know many things about it. This time, they have decided to solve the eternal riddle about the hidden records of the pharaoh, where he describes in detail the life in the time of the Pharaohs. Regular things can be found in these records but the thing that intrigues most is the fact that it seems that those records discover how were the pyramids built. This will be a huge discovery for mankind, not just for Dalila, Omari, and their friends, so let\'s help them see if those records are real and what else can be found there.

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