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Some decisions we make later in our lives. We don\'t have the time or the maturity to bring them when we are younger. Or maybe, they say, you need to become older to be wiser to decide something important. But, one thing is for sure. As we go older, we don\'t want to bother with things that aren\'t important. Or things that sometimes were much important for us, now we don\'t give a damn about it.A lot of decisions are brought actually when a person is relaxed and with no worries. And which period in our life is like that? When people actually retire. They don\'t rush for anything, enjoy the time they have left.It is such case with the lady we are introducing you today. Debra has finally being retired and has decided to change the way of life. She has always wanted to return to the village where she is from and to spend the peaceful retiring days. She needs our help with the house managing. This house needs a lot of help with it. Not only the house, but its environment is in catastrophic condition.

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