Deranged City

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There are numerous challenges when working as a police officer. Every day is a new adventure that includes a lot of action, meeting many people, searching for evidences...the stress is big but the pleasure of bringing justice is even bigger.There is one more segment included in the work of the police officers- working undercover. Sometimes it can be even fun, but sometimes it is rather intense...The police officers Anna and Larry are on a undercover mission this night. This night they are working on the terrain, without their usual uniform. The reason for that is their latest case that is related to the illegal work of the members of the mafia.The actions of this group of people have taken a lot of strength so they have confused the whole city. Everyone feels threatened by the mafia so the police is here to settle things down.Anna and Larry are looking for some pieces of evidence that will help them arrest the suspects and put them behind the bars. Let’s check out how does incognito work looks like and help the officers catch the criminals.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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