Arabels kingdom

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We all like to get somewhere on time but is it always right to choose the short path? Choosing the short path could sometimes be wrong because there is a chance that this short path hides many things that could mess up everything… Like the fairy about the Little Red Riding hood for example, but let’s start from the beginning of our today’s game.Abigail’s grandfather is very ill.She likes to visit his so she could see how is he doing and give him what he needs so he could become better sooner. Followed by this thought, Abigail decides to take the short road. She believes that she will be at her grandfather’s place sooner but she doesn’t know that this road goes to the kingdom of the evil witch Arabel. The witch is very bad so she has captured Abigail right away.Now this girl has to find a way to save herself from the witch and she has to be very efficient because who knows what could happen in Arabel’s kingdom.Let’s help Abigail escape from that evil place and get to her beloved grandfather on time.

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