Childhood Treehouse

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Were you trying to build yourself a treehouse when you were small or maybe had that luck to have one, built by your parents? Probably all kids love climbing up the trees, while the treehouses are something like their safe place, a place where they could hide from the grownups and build their personal memories.James and Karen have been very close friends ever since they were little. They had numerous games that played together but something was very special for them. Namely, a long time ago they used to spend all their time at their treehouse in the forest. That was their own place where they spent such nice period of their lives. However, as they grew older, they stirred away from it, something that usually happens. But alas, today they decided to revisit the old treehouse and relive their memories. Maybe the place won’t look same as before, maybe is damaged or even ruined, but nothing can ruin those beautiful memories. They will stay forever to remind them to something wonderful, something no money can buy.

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