The Mystic Storyteller

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History is always interesting and provocative for artists who love to dive into it, take interesting story and make it a new better story. Mitia is one of the last story tellers and story writers in the kingdom. She visits strange places and she is interested in the history of those places. Wanting to write some good story that later on she can tell to her king.Today Mitia is situated in the abandoned castle of the princess Ota that once was chased away. She wants to find out what is the reason for that and what really happened to her since she was chased away from the kingdom. It is a great mystery and no one wants to tell the truth.Writers search for inspiration everywhere. Abandoned places, interesting people and destinies, stories that no one has ever heard. Sometimes they find inspiration in everyday life, sometimes in special moments. And without inspiration there is no story, no excitement. So, help this talented lady find the inspiration and write the best story ever.he is interested in the history of those places. You will be proud of yourself knowing that you have helped someone be the great writer and someone who tries to impress a king.

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