Mysterious Absence

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The reasons why a person would like to disappear from the place where he lives or from the people with whom he spends his everyday life can be very different. Various disagreements with someone, but also conflict with themselves, are some of the reasons why people decide to leave a place forever. However, sometimes someone else is responsible for a person\'s disappearance, someone convicted of kidnapping someone and perhaps demanding a ransom or carrying out some other type of blackmail that usually happens to people who are in some significant position. The family of lawyer Peter is very worried. He suddenly disappeared and has not been available on his phone for several days. His family wonders what happened to him, and where he could be, but they also suspect that it might be something bad. Peter\'s family, feeling helpless, reports the case to the police, and now the police take the case into their hands. Now it is their task to find out where the famous lawyer disappeared and what happened to him.

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