Ancient Land

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Turning back to the past from time to time doesn\'t mean avoiding and not being able to deal with the present. On the contrary, understanding our past can only help us face the present and makes us more prepared for things that can be expected in the future. And yes, of course, this is true if we don\'t live just in the past, relying on our memories instead of building new memories.Shania, Talula, and Winona are three girls that originate from the tribe called Arikana. However, while Talula and Winona still live in the village, Shania has moved into the big city where she lives for a certain period already. But Shania never forgets to come to the village to visit her friends.For this night, the three girls wanted to learn something more about the history of their tribe. Also, they would like to find out something more about the treasure that their ancestors had inherited from different explorers all around the world.Let\'s find out something more about the tribe Arikana through the game about these three girls.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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