Wicked Circus

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Janet is the star of this circus. Most of the visitors come here because of her and her incredible skills. She is the main performer in the famous circus show, The Show of the Shadows. And like every real professional, Janet has rehearsals all the time. She knows that practice makes us perfect, and she likes to become better and better for every following performance. This night Janet was preparing her performance for the next day when she felt something strange. Namely, when she ended the rehearsal and she was leaving the circus, Janet felt that she was not alone. Like there was someone else hidden somewhere around her. She knows the circus very well, she works there for some time, and she never felt like this before. Janet always felt safe when she was working out late at night. It seems like a strange situation, right? Let\'s see what it is about and help Janet find answers to this situation. Who could that be? Is it a secret admirer, a criminal, or maybe something supernatural? We will find out very soon.

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