Masterchef Secrets

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MasterChef is one of the most well paid professions worldwide. Why is it like that? The reason is simple. Everyone eats and the food is a very important part of people\'s life style. It is not just important to \'fill the stomach\' but to enjoy food with all the senses, melting with the marvelous taste of the well prepared ingredients. And there are many people with highly refined taste for food who like to consume only the perfect. The master chefs are the ones the know how to make the perfect and it is worth a lot.Sandra works as a cooker in one very elite restaurant in the city. She cooks really good but however, to get the title of a master chef, she has to pass the test given by the main cooker in the restaurant – to prepare one particular recipe. In order to do that, she has to find all the needed products and ingredients and prepare the perfect dish.Let\'s help Sandra put her career on the next level by helping her find the needed ingredients. Who knows, maybe we could also learn something about cooking from this interesting challenge.

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