Uninvited Visitors

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Psychic medium, well that\'s a really strange profession, if we may say that it is a profession or maybe it\'s more a call. By psychical medium it\'s meant a person who is able to communicate with souls on the other side. in the context of this theory, there is no such a thing like death but there is just a transition from the physical being to the spiritual being.Mediums use their exceptional sensitivity and intuition to hear, feel, and see information coming from the other side. And even though this profession is not that typical, it is definitely very useful. Ashley for example, who is the only psychic medium in the country, seem to be the only person that could help the detectives deal with one atypical situation.Namely, Ashley, together with George, the detective for paranormal activities, are in the so-called house of evil. People who live near this house are witnesses of appearance of ghosts and scary voices that come out of the house. Ashley is here to communicate with the ghosts and make them leave the place.

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