The Whispering Manor

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Sir Isaac was driving around when his car broke down near an abandoned manor. He didn\'t expect that but it didn\'t seem like a big deal. The mansion didn\'t look like a dangerous place, so Sir Isaac decided to go there and see if he can find someone that could help him, or maybe this could be a place where he can spend the night.While at first glance it looks like a normal mansion, strange whispering sounds can be heard outside. Sir Isaac listens to those noises, wondering what it could be but he has no other choice but to seek shelter inside the manor and spend the night there. He hopes that nothing bad will happen to him in that place.Let\'s see what will happen to Sir Isaac, what kind of place is this? Will he spend the night peacefully or will those voices continue interrupting him all the time? Let\'s enter this whispering manor together and be there in case Sir Isaac needs some help. Maybe he will face some unusual things there, or maybe he won\'t, but we have to be there for him in any case.

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