Family Memoir

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Deborah’s father was a man that always loved writing. Most of all he loved writing his memoirs. Actually, he didn’t write just about himself, but loved writing about his whole family. He was following the family tree and looking for interesting facts about his relatives. As a matter of fact, that was something he took from his father, something that he continued doing many years later, cherishing the tradition.It seems that this family tradition of writing memoirs will continue even further. Namely, Debora remembers that her father was writing the family memoirs and she is interested in continuing of this tradition, on the spot where her father stopped. That’s why Debora comes to the abandoned house of her parents. She would like to find the father’s memoirs and read them. After that, she will start writing her own memories, just like her father, and her grandfather.Let’s help Deborah search through the abandoned house and we hope that she will manage to find those writings so she could continue the family tradition.

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