Beautiful Promise

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Some people hate winter because it is cold, it is freezing, they don\'t adore snow and all those winter games. For the winter lovers up there on the mountain there on the top is the paradise itself. They enjoy the skiing, the view, the silence.And mountains are perfect for a romantic mood. Together with her friend, Nicole spends few days in the wonderful ski resort famous for its\' luxury. But, not only for that reason. It is also known as a love nest for couples in love. They spend their weekends there, enjoying the snow, the air, the sky, the warm fireplace drinking wine, eating some cookies.Just like in the movies. Just like the winter is best to be enjoyed. Nicole is here wanting to fulfill the promise that she has given to her fiancee and that is a romantic weekend actually in this resort. Nicole wants everything to be perfect. That\'s why she called for her best friends for a help so that they will find all the needed objects and everything will flow as it was planned. When we love someone, we do everything possible to make the person the happiest on Earth.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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