Lovely Garden

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Different people have different passions. The passion comes from the person\'s interest to do something that makes her/him feel good. And while some people like to do things where they can spend their energy, others choose something that calms them down, something they can recharge their batteries on, and so on.Catherine\'s grandmother loves gardening. Over the years, she has managed to make a wonderful garden, a fantasy place admired by everyone who sees it. This special place also needs to be maintained properly, to retain its luster and beauty. Catherine comes from time to time to her grandmother\'s place, to visit her but also to help her with the gardening. The both of them love spending some time together, but also, they love taking care of the lovely garden.Are you into gardening? Even if you are not, you will be amazed by this incredible place and the energy that comes out of it. Let\'s visit this lovely garden and help Catherine and her grandmother keep it in its best condition.

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