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It is very nice when we manage to make a realization of our childhood dreams. Something you were dreaming about when you were little, to become your real profession, or hobby. Sometimes those dreams fade away, sometimes it appears that they are not based properly, simply you are not talented enough to do that something, or the circumstances don\'t allow you to do that. However, when the blocks come together, the pleasure is big. Dorothy, Justin, and Carol are three friends since childhood. They have been together for so many years, and it seems that they share the same passion. The city cinema was their passion all these years, a place they always enjoyed visiting it. When they were little, they loved going to the city cinema and watching the latest movies. However, as is often the case with small local cinemas, the cinema has not been working for several years and they decide that it is time to do something. Dorothy, Justin, and Carol decide to invest their savings and buy the cinema. It\'s high time that the cinema is cleaned up and back in operation.

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