Nightmare House

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Kelly has a very interesting dedication. She does something that is very rare and very specific. That is making amulets that help fight nightmares. Yes, we know that you think that this is something very useful, but there are no many people that actually know about this.And also, there is a really specific way of making those amulets. Namely, once a year she has to go into the house of the nightmares and take the needed objects for making those amulets. This job is not that easy because you may imagine how scary it is to visit this kind of a house, but Kelly knows what she is doing and she lives to make it perfect.We could also take part in this interesting job by helping Kelly in her search. Try not to feel scared and search for the needed objects in the house. You might also learn something about making amulets that will help many people deal with their nightmares. Let’s look around the nightmare house and see what is hiding in this unusual and scary place. And yes, don’t feel scared because Kelly knows what she is doing.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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