Little Flower House

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Women usually love flowers, but not women only. There are men who adore flowers, take care of them, they give love to them, because that is the only way they will grow nice and happy. You may be laughing, but yes, plants, flowers as well have their soul which needs to be well fed, given the sun, but the most – given the love!Our hero of today, for the game we are offering you on the World\'s women day is Martha. Martha is big flower admirer. Since she was little, she enjoyed raising and arranging flowers. Her whole life she has admired flowers and different plants and she transferred that love even to her closest friends. They are thankful today for that!One of her biggest wishes has come true today. She finally made it to open her first flower shop that she called Little Flower House. In a few hours the grand opening is about to happen, so Martha has to finish all the details before the customers arrive. It is a nice topics, don\'t you think? Even if you are not that passionate flower admirer, we are sure you would love to help Martha.

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