Bon Appetit

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Every job is hard, especially if you like to make it right and professionally. That\'s why people spend time and money of various trainings, to become more skilled in their field and become more attractive for the market. Sometimes it is about the regular school, sometimes it\'s about different courses and workshops, but the education and after that the praxis, are very important for every person.Meet Anna. Anna is a waitress that works in the famous restaurant named Bon Appetite. After a certain period of time being unemployed, she managed to find a nice job, working as a waitress. She works in this restaurant for couple of days so she is not accustomed that well on the job, even though she likes this job very much. However, the restaurant asks for a lot of works since it is a place that is always visited by many people. She tries to make everything by herself, but it seems that it\'s not possible at all since there are so many people. Today she is in the restaurant, it is her shift and there is a family celebration scheduled for today. Anna has to arrange the whole space before the guests have arrived, that everything looks just perfect.Now Anna would need a little help in her work. She would like to ask you if you could be that kind and help her finish everything on time, before the guest arrive?!

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