Last Six Figurines

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Being a collector of valuable objects is a very interesting job. However, it is really good if the person that collects those objects is a person that has some knowledge in arts or so, to know the real value of those objects. In some cases, those collectors are people that simply like to earn money, nothing else, and they don\'t pay attention to the real value of the objects.Stephen is a famous collector who has a lot of important objects in his collection but sometimes he is not the most honest person, since he knows to take something that doesn\'t belong to him legally. Brenda arrives in the home of the famous figurine collector Stephen.This time Brenda is looking for something very important, something with a huge value. She, together with her friends, is looking for the six last figures that years ago belonged to the great collection of the king George. It\'s not that Stephen has somehow deserved those figures; he has taken them without any permission so Brenda likes to make sure that those objects are on the right place.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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