Arrows of Love

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Cupid, the famous god of desire, erotic love, attraction and affection, the son of the love goddess Venus and the war god Mars, has a serious problem. If you are wondering how a god could have a problem, the answer is: yes, he surely can! Namely Cupid has lost his love arrows, somewhere in the city park! Can you imagine how serious is that, even more if today is actually the famous holiday that celebrates love exactly – St. Valentine\'s Day.The God of love has to intervene as fast as he can because numerous persons that celebrate Valentine\'s Day all around the world will be very disappointed if nothing romantic happens to them today. He has to find those love arrows as soon as possible because the couples will start coming to the park very, very soon. As always for the Valentine\'s Day, Cupid has the task to hit those love birds with his love arrows and make them fall in love.Cupid will be really, really thankful if you could help him find the arrows. Also we urge you to do this as fast as you can because we don\'t want the Valentine\'s Day to be ruined this year. People have so big expectations about it so let\'s not disappoint them and make them happy. And who knows, maybe this year we will be hit by Cupid\'s love arrows as well, so let\'s don\'t miss that chance!

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