Music Riddles

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There are certain things that follow the lives of the celebrities. While we can have few selected people around us and we can choose to contact and communicate only with them, celebrities are always surrounded by people. One the first place, there is a huge team of people who work for them, their music colleagues, their fans, then their friends and family, and of course, the paparazzi who follow them all the time. And they can be so boring sometimes, like real intruders who bother the celebrities all the time. That\'s why it has become harder for the real professional journalists to do their job... Brian Bay is one of the most popular singers in the country. Today he performs at the music festival that takes place in the city park. Rachel on the other hand, is a young journalists who is one of the few journalists that will make an interview with the star. However, the road to get to the stars is long and hard. To get to Brian, Rachel will need to do some things, to fulfill certain tasks and riddles given by the singer\'s manager.

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