Riddles Collector

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Justin is our today\'s character who has a very unusual hobby. Namely, he is a collector of riddles. Yes, he travels all around the world and collects those riddles from different places. He has a notebook where he writes the riddles, and his collection is very large so far. Justin has so many riddles, but it seems that he is not the only one in the world who does this. Today, Justin comes to the house of the first riddle collector in the world. His name is Tyler, and even though he seems rather generous, he doesn\'t give his riddles that easily. It is his treasure, something he worked on for so many years. However, Tyler has decided to give Justin his riddles, but only if he manages to solve them. It is the moment when we will see Justin in another role. Is he that good at solving riddles, or he just wants to collect them? Anyway, he will be very thankful if we help him solve the riddles given by Tyler. Only that way he will become the biggest riddle collector in the whole world. Let\'s see what are those riddles about.

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