The Lost Letters

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Love letters are probably the most romantic aspect of every romantic relationship. Maybe it seems that there is no space for such a thing in our modern lives, but there is no such a person that won’t feel excited and happy after receiving this kind of a letter. And after many years in a relationship, reading those letters could bring us back to those wonderful times at the beginning of our relationship… And those times are usually good, sometimes even the best ones.There are few days since Theresa has moved into a new house. During the process of relocation, she has lost some of her things. They are still here, but there are so many boxes and bags and it is hard to find out what she needs, when she needs…. But for Theresa, most important of those objects are the letters from her husband.He wrote those letters in the time before they got married. Every time when Theresa likes to remember on those wonderful days of her youth, he reads those letters. But now, she doesn’t know where are the letters, so she needs your help to find them.

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