Farm Memories

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There aren\'t many similar things in the life that Mary has today and the life she had when she was a child. She is a girl that grew up on the farm, but now she lives with her husband James in the city. Her life in the city is very nice, she has everything she needs, but somewhere deep inside her, she is still the girl from the farm. Mary still dreams that one day she will come back to live on the farm. There is something unique about the life on the farm that she loves so much and makes her very happy. It is something that the life in the city will never give her.This weekend, Mary together with husband and their friends, come to the Mary\'s family farm. They are all excited about visiting this place, especially Mary who hardly waits to show them all the things that mean a lot to her. She likes to recall the memories of the wonderful days spent on the farm and share them with her husband and friends. We can have a tour through the farm together with Mary and find out what is that special about the place where she grew up.

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