Stone Temple Guardians

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It is needed for the world to be saved today. Maybe not the whole world, but some important part of it. It is called the Stone Temple and it is situated on a very special place where not a lot of people can go. And if you have such a special place, you need to keep it safe from every danger it might come on board. That is Kimberly and Amanda\'s mission in today\'s game.They are the Stone Temple guardians. This is not just some place, it actually is a very special monument. They have great experience in guarding very important monumental objects from each danger that might appear. Their task isto go on the location in the temple and around it so they and they need to pay attention that everything is where it should be.Due to the fact that this temple is actually magical, during the night, the objects start to move so Kimberly and Amanda must find them and return them where they belong, on their spots. Now, it\'s upto you how quick you will resolve this situation and find the reason why the objects are actually moving.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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