Side Effect

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Unfortunately, side effects can appear even when it comes about the most reliable ways of healing. Maybe there are some predicted cause-consequence effects but the fact is that every person is different and every organism responds differently on a certain drug, even though it is made for healing. Psychology is a very delicate field and only skilled and educated persons are allowed to to work as psychologists. One of the methods that psychology uses is hypnosis and Nicholas is a psychotherapist whose treatments are based on it. However, one specific case has shaken his office. It is about a woman named Stephany who is the main suspect for the murder of her husband. There is a suspicion that maybe the reason for the murder is incorrectly provided hypnosis, so it is up to the police to find out the truth. Angela, Gary and Laura are detectives who come in the famous doctor’s office to search for some clues and pieces of evidence that could somehow help them solve this complicated case.

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