Night Without Stars

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Hmm, what could be that special in the nights without stars? For we may be nothing, but there is this one house, a house full of ghosts… When Kayla was very young, she was hearing stories about that particular house, a house full of ghosts.According to those stories, there were real ghosts who lived in the house all through the year. Those ghosts weren’t leaving the house almost never, except on the nights when there were no stars on the sky. They were collecting valuable objects all through the year. Actually, they were stealing valuable objects all through the year, which means that the house is full of valuable objects that don’t belong to them.The stories about the house have followed Kayla all through her life, so now she has decided that she should visit the house, find the stolen objects and bring them where they belong. Of course, she has chosen the night without stars to enter into the house and start searching for the objects, so let’s see what will happen next. Will she manage to find what she wants or maybe those ghosts will come back home earlier?

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


Hidden Objects Scary



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