In Pursuit of Magic

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Nancy was always into magic and things that are behind the obvious, connections between the apparent and the hidden. This time, she has found something real, a real map titled \"The map of the lost magical objects.\" Young Nancy finds this map very interesting, so she decides right away she should follow this map to make sure it is true or false. Somewhere deep in herself, Nancy believes she will find the magical objects from the map, so she starts her search. But even though it is not sure if the map is true or not, the road that Nancy should pass before she discovers that, is rather hard. Namely, her way to the magical objects is full of riddles that need to be solved. That is the condition to get to the magic objects and only that way she will manage to get them. You can realize that this won\'t be an easy job, right? Nancy will have her hands full of work to get to the objects. That\'s why we should help Nancy with those riddles and the other obstacles she will face on her way. Let\'s help her and see what

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


Hidden Objects Adventure



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