Backstage Ghost

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Whenever there is a case that includes strange sights, ghosts or some other creatures that we don\'t meet every day, Walter and Evelin are always there, searching for clues and following unusual traces. That\'s why they are really respected in the station and they know how to deal with things no one else can, without having any doubt or trouble.Today the two detectives Walter and Evelyn have one really strange case, something that detectives don\'t get every day. The actors that work in the national theater claim that there is a ghost that bothers them from the backstage, during their performances and rehearsals. The actors in the theater are really upset because they can\'t prepare for their performances but also they can\'t act properly on the stage since this ghost is always around.Because it is about a paranormal thing, the actors don\'t know what to do, so their only solution seem to be the two detectives who are so skilled in those things.

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