Companions of the Night

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We have heard numerous stories about magical potions that give different types of power. Sometimes they even give long life, even eternal. And since those potions are that powerful, you may imagine that the ingredients included in them are not just ordinary ingredients. Probably there is something special in them, something magical.The wizard Walter, together with his assistants Megan and Judith, arrives in the magical forest. Their intention is to find the needed objects for making Walter’s magical potion. The thing is that you can enter into this forest only once.Once you go there, you lose the right to go there again. That means that Walter and his assistants need to be very careful when they go into the forest. This visit has to be successful and they need to come back with the magical objects, so they could make a good potion, a potion that will have all the needed magical properties.Let’s see if the wizard and his assistants can find whatever they need and what are the needed ingredients for making a magical potion.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


Hidden Objects Mystery



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