Mysterious Property

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We all think that we know everything about our properties, including the places that are near us. But is this true? What if it appears that there was something close to us all the time, and we didn\'t have a clue what is it? Well, something similar to this happened to the two sisters Karen and Nancy, and their brother Thomas.The two sisters Karen and Nancy, and their brother Thomas are owners of a farm that is located in the North part of their country. They often walk around their property, exploring nature and enjoying its beauties, but this time they found out something unexpected.Namely, while walking around Karen, Nancy and Thomas came upon a mysterious property. They don\'t know anything about this property, they don\'t know its owner but from what they see, they could realize that there are many interesting objects there.It seems that no one lives on this property so the three siblings decided that they could enter into this property and explore it a bit. They are very curious to find out what is hiding there.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


Hidden Objects Mystery



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