Faithful Friendship

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Heather and her dog Ralf are inseparable friends. Their friendship is something that not many people have, so Heather is really happy about it. But as in every friendship, from time to time the friends have to do certain compromises if they like to maintain their friendship. Of course, if it\'s about good friends, then those compromises are not that big or if they are big, they are easy to be handled.As every friendship, the friendship between Heather and Ralf also asks for some victim, mostly from Heather\'s side. It\'s a fact that Ralf is a dog and he can\'t look at the things that rationally and that\'s why Heather is here, to make the things as they should be. Namely, Ralf knows to be very naughty and that brings a lot of everyday responsibilities for Heather in her home.The place is often in a real mess and many objects are missing or other objects are not on their place. That\'s why Heather needs some help from us, to deal with the everyday responsibilities related to taking care of a dog.

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