Casino Heist

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Some people say that gambling is a legal work and yes, maybe it should be, but the fact is that it can be easily turned into illegal way of getting to a lot of money. And not that much for the people who visit the casino, but for the people who own the casino. And detective Olivia believes that there is something like that happening with the city casino. Detective Olivia comes to the city casino. She is there to find out the truth. She suspects that the owner of the casino is involved ina big criminal network tha interferes in the playing of the players. More concretely, he sets up the games in order to decrease the chances of the players to win the game. That way, they only give money but can\'t gain money. Olivia has a task to find enough pieces of evidence so she can prove these accusations. The situation is pretty serious but she believes that she is on the right track and she will be able to solve the whole case.Let\'s take part in the investigation and try to help detective Olivia in her work.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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